How to Care for Your Smooth Top Range

So cleaning your smooth top range is a lot more challenging than expected. It’s really because of the delicate nature that the glass is made of. You really don’t want to scratch it up or go about cleaning it the wrong way; doing things wrong can and will damage it and reduce its life expectancy. So here’s 4 tips from Happys Appliances Outlet on cleaning and caring for your smooth top stove.

Tip #1 – Prep your stove top for cleaning

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Reasons to Buy a Portable Dishwasher

Here at Happys Appliances Outlet, we know that it can be frustrating trying to find appliances that fit into the layout of your kitchen. For example, ask yourself what you would do if you bought a home and then realized there was no space underneath the counter for a built-in dishwasher? In instances like this, you may have to think outside of the box and search for an alternative solution. One potential easy alternative is purchasing a portable dishwasher rather than a built-in one. In this blog, we will discuss the numerous benefits that portable dishwashers have to offer.

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How to Install A Window Unit

I’m from the deep south, so window units are pretty familiar to me. I was shocked to find out that a lot of people in the northern states don’t really bother with them. But as global warming and climate change become more pressing, more and more people are having to get them. Luckily for them, Happys Appliances Outlet also provide them! If you wanna save a little money, you can install one yourself, so without further ado let me give you step by step instructions for doing it safely!

Step 1 – Choose the location

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Life Expectancy of Appliances in 2019

When you’re purchasing appliances for your home, there’s bound to be some major questions that weigh heavily on your mind. One of the questions you’re going to want an answer for is “how long is this appliance going to last me?” Even with manufacturer warranties like we offer at Happys Appliances Outlet, it’s nice to have a rough idea of how long you’ll be able to use the item that you’ve purchased. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the average life expectancies of household appliances in the year 2019.

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Three Stellar Beko Fridges

So, I’ve done a few blogs like this in the past but I’ve been really wanting to talk about the Beko brand. Most people probably haven’t heard of Beko a lot, or have only recently heard of them. As an international brand, it’s taken some time for them to get popular here in the U.S., but they have and the interest is growing. For good reason too! They’re a higher end brand that still allows places like Happys Appliances Outlet to partner with them and sell cosmetically damaged units. Their stuff is definitely gorgeous and worth the wait!

30-in Built-in Bottom Freezer Fridge

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Benefits of a Steam Dryer

One of the biggest reasons people dread doing laundry is because of the wrinkles that are left on their clothing articles. Yes, you could always iron them, but that’s just another daunting chore that requires time you might not have. For people that absolutely hate ironing clothes, we here at Happys Appliances Outlet recommend looking into purchasing a steam dryer. These innovative appliances will keep your clothes looking fresh and new after each laundry cycle.

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Choosing Between Gas and Electric Washers

In case you’ve never purchased a washer or dryer before, one of the first decisions you’ll be asked at the store is this: “gas or electric?” Nearly every type of appliance you buy will run on one of these two power sources, and oftentimes the decision will come down to the way your home’s energy infrastructure is set up. However, in some cases, the decision will be up to you. Luckily, we here at Happys Appliances Outlet have put together this guide to help you decide whether a gas or electric washer dryer set works best for you!

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How to Clean a Coil-Top Stove

Many people that cook from home on a consistent basis are faced with a common issue; their stove-tops are in desperate need of some TLC. When a pot of water or another liquid boils over, the liquid becomes burnt onto the coils almost instantly. This will lead to the burners becoming dirty and gunky over time. Here at Happys Appliances Outlet, we want your stove to maintain its cleanliness, efficiency and beauty, which is why we have put together a list of steps to help you keep your stove burners clean!

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Best Detergents For Your Washer

We all have that favorite brand of detergent that we use. For me, it’s the Eco-friendly Gain; their Lavender Vanilla scent is to die for. But the question we all really need to start asking is: “Which ones are the best for prolonging the life of our washers?”

It’s really important to know this kind of stuff, you don’t want to buy a washer every two or so years, ideally. You want something to last you, especially if you get it for a great deal at a place like Happys Appliances Outlet. So without further ado, here are some tips so that detergents won’t screw up your washer!

Avoid Fabric Softeners

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