How To: Organize Your Refrigerator

Do you spend a lot of time looking for food items in your fridge? Does it seem like your foods go bad sooner than they should? It may be the way you’re storing your food in your refrigerator. Where you choose to keep your foods in the refrigerator has more to do with keeping your contents fresh than it does with preparing for your next meal (though fresh foods obviously help!). Depending on a food’s component, it actually does matter whether you store it on the upper shelves, the lower shelves, a drawer, or the door. This basic guide to organizing your fridge will help you reduce spoilage and keep foods fresher for longer.

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Which Is Better: Top Freezer or Bottom Freezer?

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a new refrigerator. Naturally, the first two things to consider are size and price. Then, you must choose the configuration of your fridge. By configuration, we mean where the freezer is located. Yes, choosing where the freezer will be isn’t quite as exciting as choosing if you’ll go with Whirlpool’s Sunset Bronze or KitchenAid’s Black Stainless Steel finish, but it’s actually a very important feature that will impact your daily life. Here we consider both the advantages and disadvantages of top freezers and bottom freezers to help you make an informed decision.

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Why Tariffs Mean You Should Buy Now

As a consumer, you may be wondering how the recent tariffs that have been imposed on steel and aluminum will directly impact your life. Both these metals are obviously critical raw resources to essential commodities on a large scale, from airplanes to pipelines, and on a small scale in our everyday lives, such as major kitchen and laundry appliances. Unfortunately, the increase in tariffs on these raw metals will inevitably increase the price of any consumer goods built with these materials. But how, how much, and when?

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Why You Should Clean Your Appliances

While you know you need to clean your appliances, how often do you actually do it? It may seem like enough just to wipe the surface until it looks presentable and move on to the next chore (or really, Netflix binge). However, not properly cleaning your appliances can actually impact both your health and your wallet. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to deep clean them every day or even every week. A thorough once a month for some appliances is usually enough to keep you and your appliances in the clear. Here is why it matters.

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Increase Laundry Efficiency, Not Work

What’s your least favorite household chore? We’re going to go ahead and guess it’s between the dishes and the laundry. While no chore is fun, these two seem never-ending. The moment you think you have the laundry done, someone walks in with a dirty soccer uniform, a stack of work clothes, a white towel, and those items that only make an appearance the moment you pat yourself on the back. Laundry is not only not fun, it also uses a lot of energy (not just electricity, but also yours). Use these eco-friendly tips to increase your laundry efficiency and reduce energy used!
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Which Backsplash Material Is Right For You?

Without a doubt, the kitchen is a notorious place for messes. From frying bacon in the frying pan to slow-simmering your favorite sauces, even the smallest of meals can quickly become a big mess. The most susceptible areas to these messes are commonly around the cooktop, above the sink, and anywhere near food prep stations. These spots also happen to be most prone to grime, mildew, and normal wear and tear of everyday use. An exposed wall may not be able to handle all the regular wiping or harsh chemicals required to keep it sanitary and looking clean. Therefore, you need a backsplash.

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Choosing The Right Refrigerator Depth

With all the different styles, sizes, and feature options, shopping for a new refrigerator can be an exciting endeavor that quickly becomes a tedious task. Not only is it the largest appliance in your home, it’s also the most used appliance, from this morning’s breakfast to tonight’s midnight snack. While a refrigerator’s depth may affect the style of your kitchen, it also affects your refrigerator’s size and storage capacity. You may love the look of a counter-depth refrigerator but is it really the best solution for your big family? Below we consider both to help you choose the right refrigerator depth for your lifestyle and kitchen. Continue reading “Choosing The Right Refrigerator Depth”

Tips To Achieve A Clutter-Free Countertop

Last week we gave you some easy and affordable ways to make your kitchen instantly feel luxurious. One of these tips is to keep your countertops completely clear of any clutter, or really, anything. Bare countertops may be a bit over the top but do consider how stressed and overwhelmed clutter can make you. Countertops that are already storing a microwave, coffee maker, coffee mugs, dish rack, utensil holder, and a fruit basket can quickly become complete disarray thanks to a rushed morning of breakfast dishes and school lunches. Whether you want your home to feel more luxurious or just more functional, a cluttered kitchen is never going to feel great. Decluttering your countertops is a great first-move to get your kitchen looking its best (and help you feeling your best as well!).
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Create A Luxurious Kitchen On A Budget

Whether it be on our favorite HGTV show or Pinterest board, we all love seeing luxury kitchens and dreaming of having our own one day. There’s just something so extravagant about silky-smooth marble countertops, sparkly fixtures, and robust professional appliances. Unfortunately, for those of us on a budget, a luxury kitchen may seem too far out of reach. But it doesn’t have to be! Discover these simple and affordable ways you can add touches of luxury to create your dream kitchen now.
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Introducing Whirlpool®’s Sunset Bronze Finish

Watch out stainless steel, there’s a new finish in town! For years, stainless steel has dominated the kitchen design world with its sleek, professional look that works in any kitchen style. However, just like with their custom countertops and cabinets, homeowners want options that reflect their personal taste when it comes to their kitchen appliances. The desire for personalization has driven companies like GE Appliances, KitchenAid, and LG to introduce industry-first finishes that offer a darker, warmer alternative to stainless steel, such as Slate and Black Stainless Steel. Now the masterminds at Whirlpool are giving you a new finish option unlike ever before: Sunset Bronze.

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