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Delivery & Installation

At Happys Appliances, we want to offer more than just appliances: we want to offer a relationship that supports you through the whole shopping and installation process, promising you a job well done and a Happy home.

Because that desire is so strong, we’re happy to handle all your delivery and installation needs when you shop for your appliances with us. Not only will our experts safeguard your appliances through delivery, they’ll ensure proper installation, too! Nothing worse than going to excitedly trying out your new appliance after the installers leave only to find out nothing is hooked up right or that something doesn’t work.

Once in place in your home, each product undergoes our meticulous Happys testing so we can make sure it works perfectly before we turn it over to you and we’ll even clean up after ourselves! You have enough things to worry about: cleaning up after the appliance delivery person shouldn’t be one of them.

We’re always Happy to answer any questions you might have, whether before, during, or after installation, and we’ll immediately address your needs to make sure your home is as Happy as can be.

Professional installation from our experts is absolutely recommended on certain appliances – and sometimes is necessary to guarantee warranty protection coverage – so our customer service reps can help you decide what installation options fit you best. We even offer same or next day delivery!

We have two delivery options available. Please contact your local store for details.



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