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Scratch and Dent Appliances

Scratch and Dent

Just like not judging a book by its cover, scratch & dent appliances have hidden depths you may miss at first glance. They can be a perfect solution for being able to afford high-end top-quality brand name appliances on a tight budget, and with scratch & dent, though the appliances may have a few simple blemishes, they work just like new and some even come with a 100% manufacturer’s warranty.

An appliance can find its way to our scratch & dent section one of three ways: as a discontinued model put on special deal so it could see the world beyond the warehouse, as an open box model whose box was opened and can therefore no longer be sold strictly as new, or as a model that made it all the way to a home but experienced some bumps along the way.

The damage to these appliances can range from a tiny scratch shorter than your fingernail to an entire door’s worth of damage, but they’re only ever cosmetic defects. Plus, the special deals offered on these are unbelievable: at minimum, they’re priced 50% off MSRP and in some cases are even up to 70% off!

The best way to find your perfect appliance fit is to come in and browse our selection in person. If you’ve ever picked out a Christmas tree on an open-air lot, this process will feel familiar: finding the exact perfect fit. So come in, grab a drink, walk our aisles, and find exactly what feels right to you.



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