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Reasons to Buy a Range Hood


Reasons to Buy a Range Hood

Have you ever noticed the little mini-awning above your oven range? Those are what we call range hoods. While they might not seem like much on the surface, they actually serve as a very important accessory for the ranges we sell here at Happys Appliances Outlet. Let’s take a closer look at how installing a hood above your range can benefit you and your family!

Cleaning the Air

When you use your range to cook food, it can release pollutants, gasses, smoke, and grease in the air that can potentially be toxic. Range hoods use a built-in fan to suck these dangerous inhalants right up so that you’re not breathing them, as well as prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in your cooking space.

Heat Reduction

Ever heard the phrase “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen?” If you love to cook you know how hot the kitchen can become while you’re preparing food. Range hoods help to reduce this excess heat, making for a much more comfortable cooking experience. Just like they suck in pollutants, they will absorb the hot air emanating from your stove and keep it from hitting you square in the face.

Added Kitchen Lighting

One of the most common uses of range hoods is overhead lighting. They are helpful for when you’re cooking as you can more clearly see what your food looks like, as well as the mess being created around it. It’s also a great way to cut back on your electricity bill and usage, you can light up your kitchen with just one efficient bulb as opposed to multiple overhead lights. They also make for a great “nightlight” to leave turned on if you need to get up in the middle of the night and navigate your living space.


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