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What’s the Difference Between Condenser and Vented Dryers?


What’s the Difference Between Condenser and Vented Dryers?

When you come into Happys Appliances Outlet to purchase a new dryer, you’re going to want to know whether you need a vented dryer or a condenser dryer. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two dryer types and help you determine which is best for you!


Vented dryers pull air from your laundry room, heat it and blow it onto your damp clothes. This causes the moisture in your clothes to evaporate, and that moist air is then vented out via an exhaust hose. That hose needs to be connected to a window or run directly through a wall in your laundry room. It’s very important that if you run it through a wall that it’s set up properly, otherwise that moist air will linger and your laundry room will become very humid.


Condenser dryers are often referred to as “ventless” dryers. Instead of ventilating out the moist air from your clothing, it condenses the air back into water and fills it into a tank that needs to be emptied by the user. The installation couldn’t be any easier, just plug the dryer into an electrical wall out and go! This makes them ideal for people who live in apartments. The other advantage is that you can place them almost anywhere in your house without needing a window or hole in the wall close by. Condensers are sometimes less energy efficient than vented dryers, but now many of them contain heat pump technology and receive high energy-efficiency ratings.


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