Types of ACs

An excellent question to ask is what kind of air conditioner you should get! It’s important to know what your options are so that you can choose the one that’s right for your situation. Happys Appliances Outlet carries quite a few of them and our sales team can help you find what you need! Without further ado, here are some types of window air conditions!

Window Installed

These window-mounted air conditioners are the most recognizable ones on the market. They are a good option for people who can’t afford central cooling or just don’t have it! They’re relatively easy to install and make for a good, cheap option. Plus, give you’ve gotten the right BTU, they can freeze you out of your room. Perfect for those sweltering summer days.

Wall Installed PTAC

Another kind of AC you’ve probably seen are the wall mounted ones called Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners. If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel room, these are the ones that you’re most likely to see. Like window ACs they’re self-contained and need no additional ducting like central cooling units. They’re another great option for those looking for a cheaper way to cool off!

Mini Split ACs

These units are interesting! They’re called mini split ACs or duct-free. They function just like central cooling, but without all the duct work. These guys come with a unit that goes inside and one that goes your home. They connect with tubes that have a type of refrigerant in them that are connected to every unit in the home.

Portable ACs

Portable ACs are the ultimate form of portable cooling. They’re usually very compact and catch residual humidity in a bucket somewhere inside that you have to dump. They also require that you place the heat vent through your window so that it releases outside. Around 2’-3’ tall and with wheels, they can go nearly anywhere with you.

ACs come in all different shapes and sizes and provide different levels of functionality. They can be a perfect replacement if you’re central air goes out and you can’t afford to replace it. That’s what my grandmother did and it has worked for going on 15 years now!