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Three Stellar Beko Fridges


Three Stellar Beko Fridges

So, I’ve done a few blogs like this in the past but I’ve been really wanting to talk about the Beko brand. Most people probably haven’t heard of Beko a lot, or have only recently heard of them. As an international brand, it’s taken some time for them to get popular here in the U.S., but they have and the interest is growing. For good reason too! They’re a higher end brand that still allows places like Happys Appliances Outlet to partner with them and sell cosmetically damaged units. Their stuff is definitely gorgeous and worth the wait!

30-in Built-in Bottom Freezer Fridge

Now the fridge pictured above is their standard stainless steel color. There’s a brand new color coming soon though and I wish I could show a picture because it is beautiful. It’s a black scratch resistant carbon fiber style. It would be perfect for someone who has kids or animals or is just plain clumsy! This fridge is a little on the smaller side, but it boasts a flexible storage capacity; definitely a plus if you have to store things like bottles of soda or a dozen cupcakes! This fridge also keeps your food colder and fresher for longer because it uses NeoFrost Dual Cooling technology. What that means, is that instead of using the standard one cooling system, this fridge uses two instead. And remember how a lot of fridges absorb the smells of the food that’s stored in them? Well this fridge helps reduce that transfer with its IonGuard feature.

36” French 4-Door Freestanding Fridge

Another fridge that’s coming soon, this Beko has four doors and a great streamlined look! The inside is more stunning though; LED lights glow when you open the door illuminating all of the food you have stored. Like the first fridge, this one also has the dual cooling systems and IonGuard tech to keep your fridge fresh and bright. Now here’s where this fridge really steps it up. It’s counter depth, so you can slide it in its perfect spot. And for everyone who is a Jewish person and follows Sabbath, this fridge has a mode for that. Just activate it and your fridge won’t illuminate when you open it up.

36” Counter Depth Side by Side Fridge

While this one doesn’t have the cool feature from our second fridge, this one offers itself as one of the most energy efficient of the Beko brand. This is another fridge that you can slide in and use immediately. It shares the strategically placed LED lighting system from the ones above and their active fresh technology. With an ice and water maker on the front, left door this fridge makes a well rounded option for people who like this style.


It was so exciting to get to share these three fridges with you guys! Beko is an amazing brand and I hope that it keeps gaining traction in the U.S. market. I think this brand may have the potential to compete with the big names carried at every Home Depot and Lowes!


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