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Three Must Have Appliances for Thanksgiving


Three Must Have Appliances for Thanksgiving

It’s our favorite time of the year here at Happys Appliances Outlet. Holiday Season! First up is Thanksgiving, and to have your food tasting just the way you want it, you’re going to want to have state of the art appliances equipped with tons of cool features. Here are a few selections from our inventory that we think you’d love to have before this Thanksgiving!

Frigidaire 30” Double Wall Oven

If you’re looking to really make a splash, consider transitioning from a traditional oven range to a wall oven! We highly recommend going with one of Frigidaire’s double oven models. Since Thanksgiving requires you to prepare many different dishes at around the same time, having two ovens that can cook two separate dishes simultaneously really comes in handy. The powerful convection fan both pre-heats the oven and cooks your food faster. They also come with a temperature sensor that can detect when your food is done cooking, preventing you from overcooking or burning your food!

Electrolux Slide-In Oven Range

If you don’t have the means or desire to open up the space within your cabinets for a wall oven, upgrading from a standard range to a slide-in oven range is also a great idea! The main difference between the two is that with a slide-in, the temperature controls are on the front of the range. They are typically seen as fancy looking, and the slide-ins offered by Electrolux are top of the line. It comes with convection, a Luxury-Glide oven rack, and a Keep Warm setting that is especially helpful during times like Thanksgiving.

Samsung 30 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Refrigerator

During Thanksgiving, you’re likely going to need a lot of refrigerator space to keep your food fresh. You’re also going to need it for all the leftovers you’re bound to have. If you’re looking to increase your refrigerator space, we suggest one of Samsung’s 30 cu. Ft. 4-door models. With a large bottom freezer like a traditional french door fridge, they also have a second drawer that can be used as either an extra fridge compartment or an extra freezer space! The upper refrigerator level is also massive, and will provide you with more than enough space to keep all your Thanksgiving dishes fresh before you serve them.


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