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The Advanced Technology of Induction Cooking


The Advanced Technology of Induction Cooking

The hottest movement in cooktop technology is induction cooking. Induction cooking offers the best of both gas and electric worlds, providing both precision and instant responsiveness. Unlike the flame of gas or the direct heat of electric, induction cooktops use a magnetic field of energy to distribute heat directly to your induction-safe cookware. The ingenious science behind induction technology gives it the advantages of instant response, precision, energy efficiency, safety and easy cleanup.

Instant Response

One of the greatest advantages of induction cooking technology is its ability to instantly respond to your controls. When your recipe calls for temperature adjustments, you need it at that exact moment before the damage of overcooking or dangers from undercooking occurs. Since induction cooking technology works through a magnetic field of energy to directly heat your pan, heat transfer is not necessary so every adjustment is instant – instant on, instant heat, instant off. This makes it possible to boil 2 quarts of water in less than 5 minutes, add or reduce heat instantly, then simply cut off energy distribution with the touch of a button for instant off.


Instant response is only valuable when your cooktop is able to offer exact precision. In fact, the finest dishes are only possible from the very precision cooking capabilities of your cooktop. You need a cooktop that reaches perfect highs to be powerful enough to flawlessly sear a juicy steak yet maintains gentle lows for your most fragile sauces. With induction cooking, there is no guessing. Your induction cooktop instantly adjusts to the temperature you need so you can cook with the confidence of fine-dining chefs.

Energy Efficient

The instant response and accurate precision mean a quicker cooking experience with reduced wait-time so less energy is ultimately used. Additionally, induction cooking technology only heats what needs to be heated and nothing that doesn’t, unlike conventional gas and electric cooktops in which energy is wasted from flowing up from a burner or around the pot. Induction cooking uses up to 90% of its electric energy being converted to heat the pot, a clear winner next to gas and electric cooktops.

Safe & Easy To Clean

Since induction uses a magnetic field of energy, the cooktop surface itself remains cool. In fact, you could place a piece of paper in between the surface and a pot and the paper wouldn’t catch on fire. This means a reduction in accidental burns and fires, especially once the pot has been removed. The cool surface also means spillovers do not become difficult baked-on messes. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean up messes instantly and effortlessly.

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