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Reasons to Purchase a Boxspring


Reasons to Purchase a Boxspring

When you purchase a new mattress from Happys Appliances Outlet, you’re definitely going to want to purchase a box spring from us as well. While they might seem like there’s not much to them, they actually provide a litany of benefits that will help ensure you get plenty of sleep every night. Let’s take a closer look at what boxsprings have to offer, and why you should strongly consider purchasing one for just $65 in ANY SIZE here at Happys!

Mattress Protection

The biggest benefit box springs have to offer is protecting your mattress from damage. Without one, it will begin to experience wear much more quickly and start to become uneven. A bed frame on its own will not do enough to keep it level, and placing your mattress on a bed frame without a box spring can lead to sagging and broken innersprings.

Sleep Better

As we mentioned before, your mattress will begin to sag without placing a box spring under it. This can lead to excruciating lower back pain that far too many people experience when waking up in the morning. Having a solid full-coverage foundation under the mattress supports not only your mattress, but your back and body as well.

Get Out of Bed Easier

Box springs give you several extra inches of elevation from your bed frame, which makes it much easier to get out of bed. If you like to watch TV in bed, it will bring you closer to eye level with your television.


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