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Product Spotlight: Cabrio Washers and Dryers


Product Spotlight: Cabrio Washers and Dryers

If you’ve shopped at Happys Appliances before, you’re probably familiar with the brand Whirlpool. However, you may not have heard of their laundry offshoot brand, Cabrio! People really seem to love these washers and dryers, and for good reason. Let’s examine some of the product features they come equipped with, and maybe you’ll decide you want some for your home!

Large Capacity

These units are a great option for parents with large families. Cabrio washers range from 4.8 to 5.3 cu. ft., with the dryers possessing 8.8 cu. ft. of capacity. That’s enough space for all of your family’s towels in a single load!

Noise Reduction

Cabrio appliances come equipped with Quiet Wash, a state of the art noise reduction system. This keeps the operational sounds of the washers and dryers contained inside the unit, so they won’t keep you awake if you do a load overnight. This feature makes Cabrio a great choice for people who live in small apartments where you can hear noises from all around your living space.

Built-In Water Faucet

Cabrio washers and dryers come with a built-in water faucet so you can pre-wash clothes such as your kids’ soccer jerseys. This feature allows you to hand remove stains and soils by hand before you put them in the washer and they sink into the fabric.


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